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About Susan Marie Moreno

Susan Marie Moreno, a multifaceted artist and beloved TV personality, weaves her creative magic across the vibrant canvas of Kansas City. With a career spanning decades, Susan has left an indelible mark on both the art world and the hearts of her viewers.

Artistic Journey

Susan’s journey began at the University of Iowa, where she studied art education. Her passion for teaching and her desire to make a difference led her to Kansas City. For 35 years, Susan served as an art teacher, mentor, and inspiration to countless students. Her classrooms echoed with creativity, fostering a love for art and cultural heritage. As a practicing artist herself, Susan’s work reflects her deep connection to her Hispanic roots. Her paintings resonate with color, emotion, and a celebration of life.


TV Personality

Beyond the canvas, Susan graced the screens as a TV personality, her warmth, authenticity, and genuine love for her community endearing her to viewers. Whether hosting art shows, cultural events, or sharing stories, Susan’s presence radiated positivity and a genuine desire to connect. She is featured in episode 4 of the Peacock series "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning," a documentary on the Public Broadcasting station titled "Womontown," and appeared in a commercial for Community Learning.

Community Impact

Susan’s impact extends beyond the studio and the screen. She championed representation in schools, recognizing that diverse voices matter. Through her art, Susan celebrated Hispanic heritage, bridging cultures and inspiring young minds. Her legacy lives on in the countless students she touched.

Awards and Recognition

Recently nominated for the Latinx Educator Award, Susan’s dedication to teaching and artistry received well-deserved recognition. Her Frida Kahlo-inspired painting behind her speaks volumes—a testament to her passion for both art and cultural identity.

Continuing the Journey

Susan’s retirement hasn’t dimmed her creative fire. She continues to explore new horizons, leaving her mark on murals, exhibitions, and community projects. Her spirit remains unwavering—a beacon of inspiration for artists, educators, and dreamers alike. 

Discover Susan Marie Moreno’s captivating world through her art, her stories, and her unwavering commitment to making a difference. 🎨✨

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